FRAUENSEE is the story of a long summer weekend in the countryside with four lesbians from the city and the province. Four different lifestyles and age groups come together, with different dreams, goals and concerns. These women talk, laugh and have sex; they are jealous and hurtful, and try to understand and communicate with each other. Lively discussions and all too human relationships. A small look at lesbian life in Germany today. The portrait of a landscape. No more. But also no less.

The main character of the film is a fish farmer. She works in a place that is part of the largest contiguous water area in Europe: the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Lake District. The three lakes, Vielitzsee, Gudelacksee, and Wutzsee, are located 60 kilometers North of Berlin. The everyday work of the fish farmer structures the narrative. On her boat, she watches over these three lakes, checks the traps, and prevents illegal fishing. She has built a successful life with her partner, who has built a bungalow right on the lake, fulfilling a long held dream. These two women encounter two young, confident girls from Berlin. Their life plans and ideas are still vague. Their lives have just begun, and they are still wondering where to go, what their place is. These are the four women the film portrays.